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  Crystal Canyon Vapes E-Liquid
Mystik RY4 (2)

5 Stars

5-Five-5 (1)

5 Stars

3:10 to Yuma (3)

4.8 Stars

Arctic Ice (1)

4 Stars

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Crystal Canyon Vapes

Crystal Canyon Vapes Mystik RY4 E-Liquid
5 Stars (2 Reviews)

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Mystik RY4 description by Crystal Canyon Vapes
We started out with a solid well rounded tobacco flavor for our RY4, with just the right amount of body and richness. Blended perfectly with creamy Caramel and a bit of sweet Vanilla, this eliquid goes beyond a traditional taste! Its a smooth, sweeter vape that allows its tobacco notes to come thru. The tobacco flavor doesn't get lost in this blend and this RY4 eliquid is sure to be a favorite!

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Quick Review:

Crystal Canyon Vapes Mystik RY4 Reviews

02/09/14 - - BrianMores (1 Review)
Crystal Canyon Vapes Mystik RY4 Review
Throat Hit: Average
Vapor Production: Average

I LOVE Mystik RY4 by Crystal Canyon Vapes. This is everyone’s favorite and it is pretty much popular flavor too. There are times that I’ve been having problem with purchasing this flavor due to high demands. But to be honest with my review, this by far has the most balance flavor that I’ve ever tasted. The Caramel and Vanilla are perfectly combined together and it compliments each other without overpowering the flavor. You won’t go wrong with this flavor and I strongly recommend this to everyone. I love this so much that I am so proud to give it the best review ever!

01/29/14 - - JoeCC (2 Reviews)
Crystal Canyon Vapes Mystik RY4 Review
Crystal Canyon Vapes: Mystic RY4 ejuice review

Flavors in Mystik RY4





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